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Group 1 ( PI: Hyung Ju Hwang ) : Large-Scale Physics Based AI

황형주 교수님.jpg

Hyung Ju Hwang

Professor, POSTECH

  • Mathematical Machine Learning

  • Neural Operator

  • Nonlinear PDEs / Applied Analysis

최민석 교수님.png

Minseok Choi

Assistant Professor, POSTECH

  • Numerical Analysis (Applied mathematics)

  • Uncertainty Quantification

  • AI for science

김연응 교수님_edited.jpg

Yeoneung Kim

Assistant Professor, SEOULTECH

  • Mathematical Machine Learning

  • Optimization

신연종 교수님.png

Yeonjong Shin

Assistant Professor,

NC State University

  • Mathematical Machine Learning

  • Scientific Computing

Group 2 ( PI: Jae-Hun Jung ) : Geometry-based Machine Learning

정재훈 교수님.jpg

Jae-Hun Jung

Professor, POSTECH

  • Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing

  • Mathematical Data Science & AI

신선영 교수님.jpg

Sunyoung Shin

Associate Professor, POSTECH

  • Statistical learning

  • High-dimensional data analysis

  • Statistical genomics

최경수 교수님.jpg

Kyeongsu Choi

Professor, KIAS

  • Differential Geometry

  • PDEs

최범준 교수님.jpg

Beomjun Choi

Assistant Professor, POSTECH

  • Geometric Analysis

  • Calculus of variation and gradient flow

Group 3 ( PI: Donghyun Lee) : Mathematical Modeling and Analysis

이동현 교수님.jpg

Donghyun Lee

Associate Professor, POSTECH

  • Analysis of PDE

  • Kinetic theory

  • Fluid dynamics

홍영훈 교수님.jpg

Younghun Hong

Associate Professor, CAU

  • Dispersive PDEs and Mathematical Physics

김진수 교수님.jpg

Jinsu Kim

Assistant Professor, POSTECH

  • Stochastic reaction networks

  • Markov chains

  • Mathematical Biology

장진우 교수님.jpg

Jin Woo Jang

Assistant Professor, POSTECH

  • Partial Differential Equations

  • Applied Analysis

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