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Enhanced Physics-Informed Neural Networks with Augmented Lagrangian Relaxation Method (AL-PINNs)


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The deep minimizing movement scheme

Journal of Computational Physics

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Physics-Informed Neural Networks for Microprocessor Thermal Management Model

IEEE Access

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Second order regularity for the p(x)-Laplace equations with data on the right-hand side

Nonlinear Analysis

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On Concentration Bounds for Bayesian Identification of Linear Non-Gaussian System

2023 62nd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)

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Semi-analytic PINN methods for singularly perturbed boundary value problems

Applicable Analysis

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Density Physics-Informed Neural Network reveals sources of cell heterogeneity in signal transduction under antibiotic stress


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Physics-informed convolutional transformer for predicting volatility surface

Quantitative Finance

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Maximum Coverage by k Lines


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